The IRON (bare)feet


I was calling one of my good friend LCW the other day just to say “Hi” to him. Just in case you don’t know him, let me introduce him to you that he is a fitness maniac. He has completed not one (1), but I think three (3) Ironman Challenges in the last couple of years. I always thought that he ate marathons for breakfast (Ha!). But my biggest assumption was proven doubly correct: My good friend LCW not only ate marathons for breakfasts, he also ate them for suppers!

You see, LCW had ran the latest 2012 edition of Sundown Marathon entirely bare-footed. Yep, no shoes, no five-fingers glove, etc. Just CAVEMAN bare-footed! Ha! This guy is one hell of a tough nail. Imagine running all night long with no shock absorbing foam / gel for the feet over the punishing distance of 42.195 kilometers (26 miles). I think that alone should be enough to convince me that his feet are made of pure IRON. 😉

Seriously, I cannot imagine the pain associated with this type of running method. I personally am too pampered by the luxurious comfort afforded by the shock-absorbing gel / foam of my trusty ASICS GEL-Kayano 18 running shoes to even want to contemplate running bare-footed (as much as LCW has trumpeted about its benefits).

As for myself, I am quite contented to slowly work towards my PB while wearing my running shoes. Anyway, they seemed nice enough to wear to go places, right?




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