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The best Yong Tau Fu in Singapore (and maybe the World around)

Yong Siang Sin Yong Toufu 永祥興客家釀豆腐
Yong Siang Sin Yong Toufu 永祥興豆腐

Long queue for a bowl of the Yong Siang Sin Yong Toufu. 常常的人龍就為了一碗永祥興客家釀豆腐!



Yong Siang Sin Hakka Yong Toufu (2 bowls)

Two bowls of delicious Hakka Yong Toufu! Yummy!


I am queueing up for the best Yong Tau Fu 客家酿豆腐 in Singapore, and maybe possibly the World around. Just look at the length of the queue!